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Scientific committee

1. Milan Mijovic, LL.M, President and Founder, Serbian Office for Space Sciences, Research and Development, Belgrade, Serbia;

2. Prof. Dr. Radivoje Mitrovic, Dean, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia;

3. Prof. Dr. Vidosav Majstorovic, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia;

4. Prof. Dr. Dragan Djuricin, Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade, Serbia;

5. Dr. Milan Stojanovic, Astronomical Observatory Belgrade, Serbia;

6. Prof. Dr. Milan Cirkovic, Astronomical Observatory Belgrade, Serbia;

7. Prof. Dr. Dubravka Mijuca, University Union - Nikola Tesla, Belgrade, Serbia;

8. Prof. Dr. Katarina Pavlovic, Faculty of Project and Innovation Management, Belgrade, Serbia;

9. Prof. Dr. Yang Yuguang, Vice Chair, IAF Space Transportation Committee, Beijing, China;

10. Jacqueline Myrrhe, Author, Editor and Analyst, European Space Agency, ESA-ESTEC and GoTaikonauts, Netherlands;

11. Dr. William Carey, Director, Five Owls Technology LTD. and Expert consultant, European Space Agency, ESA-ESTEC, United Kingdom and Netherlands;

12. Dr. Justin Atchison, The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, USA;

13. Dr. Ivana Otasevic, Assistant Director, UNESCO Chair on the diversity of cultural expressions, Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Laval University, Canada;

14. Uwe Schmaling, Editor-in-Chief, Raumfahrt Concret and Managing Director, Initiative 2000 plus e. V, Germany;

15. Chen Lan, Author and Analyst, GoTaikonauts, Shanghai, China.

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