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SERBSPACE cooperation with Raumfahrt Concret and GoTaikonauts!

SERBSPACE has established cooperation with Raumfahrt Concret and GoTaikonauts!, which expressed their desire to support SEE Universe 2020.

"We are strongly welcoming the initiative by SERBSPACE to hold the SEE Universe 2020 conference in Belgrade." reaffirms Uwe Schmaling, Editor-in-Chief of Raumfahrt Concret. "It is high time that South-East Europe is defining its expertise, finds its characteristic strategy and specific needs and objectives for space activities to become as a consequence a strong player in the overall European space efforts. We are convinced that there is big potential in the region which Europe as a whole can only grain from. We are looking forward to the success of SEE Universe next year."

Raumfahrt Concret is the only German language space magazine with reports on space projects from all over the world.

"Our objective is to bring the Chinese space programme closer to the Western space communities." explained Jacqueline Myrrhe on behalf of the GoTaikonauts! team to Milan Mijovic, President of Serbian Office for Space Sciences, Research and Development and Head of SEE Universe Conference Board of Trustees. "However, we have seen over the last decades how China is smartly using its space programme for progressing its economic and societal development to advance the nation as a whole. Some aspects of this process could be of relevance for South East Europe and we would like to witness that SEE Universe becomes the focal point of such a dynamic by presenting space expertise and knowledge to a wider audience. In any case, space as a driver and tool for progress is of relevance for any country in the world. We are glad to support SEE Universe in bringing across this message."

GoTaikonauts! is the only newsletter on the Chinese space programme and in English language.



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