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Serbian Office for Space sciences, Research and Development (SERBSPACE) was established in August 2016 as a non-governmental organization based in Belgrade with the general aim of developing the space sector in Serbia. Its work is based on three main pillars of the wider space ecosystem: academia, industry and society. The Office is developed as an umbrella organization that would include all relevant individuals, organizations, academic institutions, business entities and county representatives from the field of space sector in Serbia. The scope of work of the Office covers several areas, both nationally and internationally.


In October 2020, Serbian Office for Space Sciences, Research and Development became the member of International Astronautical Federation, adding the Office and Serbia to this international community. Founded in 1951, the International Astronautical Federation (IAF) is the world’s leading space advocacy body with over 400 members in 71 countries, including all leading space agencies, industries, research institutions, universities, societies, associations, institutes and museums worldwide.

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