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Milan Mijovic

Milan Mijovic, LL.M


President and Founder

Serbian office for Space Sciences, Research and Development


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Milan Mijovic, LL.M is the President and the Founder of Serbian Office for Space Sciences, Research and Development (SERBSPACE) and Space law Ph.D. candidate in Belgrade, Serbia.

Following several years of Space law research and practice, active role within Space Generation Advisory Council as a National point of contact for Serbia and member of Space law working group, appointment as Faculty advisor for Manfred Lachs Space law Moot competitions, participation as a speaker at International Astronautical Congress 2015 (Jerusalem, Israel), 2016 (Guadalajara, Mexico), 2017 (Adelaide, Australia), 2018 (Bremen, Germany) and United Nations conferences in 2016 (Guadalajara, Mexico), 2017 (Samara, Russian Federation), 2018 (Islamabad, Pakistan) and 2019 (Changsha, China), Milan became a leading expert in the aviation and aerospace industry. He also participated at several international conferences as key speaker including Near Space Conference 2019 (Torun, Poland) and CCAF 2019 (Wuhan, China). His engagement culminated with launch of one of the biggest Space related projects in Serbia – establishment of Serbian Space Agency. Mentioned project was created and published in March 2016, and officially presented at UN/IAF Workshop 2016 in Mexico, and afterwards to Serbian government. He continued with development of national and international Space strategies, including international large scale projects such as Emerging countries Space office and Serbia Space strategy, which he presented at UN conferences in 2017 and 2018.

Being a recognized Space lawyer, Milan’s research led to the thesis should private ownership be allowed in Outer space, as he advocated this idea since his early days of Space law research. Providing arguments for these rights, Milan has published several papers on this matter and introduced this idea to the international community, believing that, with proper governance system, private ownership must be allowed in Outer space, in order to provide development and sustainable space exploration.

Skilled in Requirements Management, International Law, International Arbitration and Space Law, Milan’s doctoral dissertation relates to Ownership rights in Space, Moon and other celestial bodies. He also holds a specialization degree as a professional translator for English and German language. Milan is recipient of several prestigious Space law awards and acknowledgements. He is a member of International Institute of Space law and The Hague Space Resources Governance Working Group, with several Space law papers published in national and international publications.

Milan is now engaged as head of the Organizer of the first South East Europe Space conference (SEE Universe 2020) planned in Belgrade, Serbia in 2020, which shall include academic, educational and business panels, industry, technology and innovation sessions and a space and society segment, whereas the organizer SERBSPACE is welcoming national and international representatives of academia, industry, government, non-government and international organizations.

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